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We help entrepreneurs to convert their ideas in becoming successful and profitable ventures.

Bihar Startup Conclave 2024

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VenturePark Incubator is offering an opportunity for start-ups bringing leading industry mentors and global market access in Patna. It brings a unique working space with the strength of BIA (Bihar Industries Association) – which brings in a one stop mentoring and the ability to raise funds for the Incubatees.

Bihar Industries Association was established in 1943 and had been only Apex representative body of Industry & Service sector of the united Bihar till 2000, before the creation of Jharkhand State and now the state of Bihar. BIA membership comprises of large, medium and small scale industries spread throughout the State. The main objective of this association is to promote Industrial development of the state and promote and safeguard the interest of the industries in General and particularly the industries of Bihar


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Venture Park BIA Incubator helps entrepreneurs to convert their ideas in becoming successful and profitable ventures




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An organization which provides a conducive environment for successful development of start-up ventures by providing the entrepreneurs with proper guidance and specialized services.

When the incubator services are provided remotely, without the entrepreneur having to relocate to the premises of the incubator, it becomes a virtual incubator. Instead of distancing entrepreneurs from their current support systems that they must have built and uproot them from their locations, the Incubator reaches out to the entrepreneurs at their respective locations through a robust online technology platform.

If you have an innovative concept/technology and you want to convert it into a product/service and build a business around it, then you should apply to the incubator. However the Incubator does not ensure Angel Investment for the Incubatee company.

However, if the product / service is already developed, the business plan is finalized, you have one or two clients in place, and you are looking at scaling up your business then send your b-plan for Angel investing.

The incubator shall take all the measures to ensure that any information submitted by the entrepreneur is treated as confidential. The Incubator team members as well as all the evaluators, mentors and subject matter experts sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the Incubator agreeing to keep the information confidential. However, the Incubator does not sign individual NDAs with each entrepreneur.

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Yes, Incubatees from other incubators are welcome to access business mentoring and networking with successful entrepreneurs by joining the VenturePark incubator.